Friday, November 2, 2007

Hey Look Everybody, It's Joe Torre!

Joe Torre is coming.

L.A.'s response is cautious optimism, if not downright just cautious.

ESPN's response is a bit more pessimistic, and almost virulent.

While I don't share ESPN's negative views, which had the not so subtle air of a knee jerk reaction to the hype surrounding Torre, I don't believe that Torre will lead the Dodgers to the Promised Land unless Frank McCourt and Ned Coletti can provide him with the talent needed to win.

The Dodgers need to strengthen their rotation and they need a power hitter, which gives them something in common with almost every team in the league. They have possible solutions to their rotation needs, but these solutions need to stay healthy, need time, or need a miracle. The Dodgers have talent, but it is mostly raw, and in some cases, overdone; Torre alone will not be able to drag them into the postseason .

Still, I want to leave you with my unwavering belief about the Joe Torre hire: This is a good thing for Dodger baseball. This makes us relevant. There is an excitement around this season that hasn't been present in a long time. Dodger fans have something to look forward to, the credibility of a Name, which is something that's been lacking since Gary Sheffield was traded.

Joe Torre won't get blood from a stone, but this team will listen to him, and hopefully they will mature under him, and when Torre leaves, hopefully they will be ready to follow his handpicked successor.

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