Saturday, December 8, 2007

Andruw Jones gets $36 million from the Dodgers

The Dodgers decide to admit that they overpaid last year for a centerfielder by overpaying for a centerfielder this year. The Dodgers signed centerfielder Andruw Jones to a two year contract worth $36 million. The amazing thing is that despite batting for his worst average since his rookie year, Jones is getting a $4 million-a-year raise. The Dodgers did pay market price, as set by the Torii Hunter contract of $90 million over five years, but they are definitely paying superstar money for an outfielder who's not in the top ten. The Dodgers are getting a bit of a break on this contract though; it is only for two years and Jones's agent Scott Boras had originally wanted $100 million for his client. The Dodgers get Jones in the latter stages of his prime, and they won't be overpaying him when he really starts to decline.

And it does appear as if the decline is just around the corner, as Jones had his worst offensive season in years, though at Jones's worst, he still would have led the Dodgers in homeruns last year. Jones could hit 40 homeruns, though I'm predicting closer to 30, and moving to Dodgers Stadium should have no effect on his offensive numbers, as it had a better park factor for homeruns than Turner Field last year. Jones's batting average was better on the road by fifty points than at home, so there's hope that he can rebound and hit closer to his .263 career average. It's heartening that Jones hit .290 last year against the Dodgers division rivals, including 10 for 26 against the Padres. Jones could rebound as he fights to establish himself for one last big contract; it's not impossible to see him hitting .250 with 30 homeruns and over 100 RBI. The Dodgers finally have a slugger in the middle of their lineup, now all they need to do is somehow package Juan Pierre and Andre Ethier for Erik Bedard and Joe Blanton, though it might take a miracle to make that happen.

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Nathanael said...

I like this signing. Overpaying for a shorter amount of time seems to be a Colletti special, and one the that I actually like.

Regardless, in my mind the key to a good dodgers off-season is dumping Pierre