Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's all in the wrist.

Over at The Disabled List, there's an in-depth analysis of Ryan Zimmerman's wrist surgery and how it might affect him during the upcoming season. The creator of The Disabled List offers to provide credible expertise and insight from a fantasy standpoint into the aches and pains that trouble major league players. Check his blog out and send him a question.


Jonathan B said...
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Jonathan B said...

In his recent blog, karabell throws out some glitzy names on his pitchers to avoid list. I like it when people target guys like these to avoid- I feel like I usually assemble a pretty good staff on the cheap by not targeting anyone in the draft and just taking the guys that are still out there a round or two longer than I might have expected. What do you think of those guys? With the possible exception of halladay, I'd take a shot on any of those guys...pedro's 80 mph heater scares me, but im sure he'll win some games.

Ben Westrup said...

I like most of those guys too, but I wouldn't take any in the first ten rounds, except for Roy Halladay maybe. This is mostly a reflection of my personal preference towards drafting offense first and picking up pitching in the middle rounds, but I also feel that if I were to target some of those pitchers that Karabell talks about (Hamels, Dice-K, I'd have to reach for them. I think Hamels could be a top 20 starter in 2008, but there is some risk there that I personally like to avoid unless the price is right. Dice-K has value, but Karabell's right, he's not a top 20pitcher. I'll probably stay away from Ben Sheets and Pedro Martinez as well, but I would take Sheets if I could get him in the later rounds. There's a lot of inherent risk in pitchers because of the strenuous nature of their physical role, so I like to avoid reaching for guys and to wait for the ones that will provide good value for the price I pay for them.