Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Half MVP's and Cy Young Winners

Since it's halfway through the season, I thought I'd take a brief look at each team in my Yahoo fantasy league and see who their MVP and Cy Young winners are for the first half. I tried to avoid picking players that were picked up after the first month or who spent significant time on the DL. Teams are listed in order of their record, and the runners-up are listed in parentheses. I won't be providing any commentary on my picks, but feel free to let where I got things right or wrong in the comments.

1. Adrian's Revenge (79-46-5)
MVP - Carlos Lee (Brian McCann)
CY - Kerry Wood (Ervin Santana)

2. Screaming Lemurs (72-50-8)
MVP - Ian Kinsler (Ryan Braun)
CY - Cole Hamels (Brandon Webb)

3. The Balls (70-54-6)
MVP - Hanley Ramirez (Adrian Gonzalez)
CY- Mariano Rivera (Edinson Volquez)

4. Val Kilmer's Asshole (70-55-5)
MVP - Lance Berkman (Josh Hamilton)
CY - Jonathan Papelbon (Scott Kazmir)

5. Naterade (71-57-2)
MVP - Justin Morneau (Kevin Youkilis)
CY - Francisco Rodriguez (Felix Hernandez)

6. Butt Admirals (65-53-12)
MVP - Grady Sizemore (Nate McLouth)
CY - Dan Haren (Josh Beckett)

7. Macafeys (68-58-4)
MVP - Derek Lee (David Wright)
CY - Roy Halladay (Shaun Marcum)

8. Dinos (62-62-6)
MVP - Chase Utley (Carlos Beltran)
CY - Tim Lincecum (Cliff Lee)

9. Dissect Yourself (48-71-11)
MVP - Dan Uggla (Matt Holliday)
CY - Carlos Marmol (C.C. Sabathia)

10. Summer Fox (49-76-5)
MVP - Brandon Phillips (Jason Bay)
CY - John Lackey (Billy Wagner)

11. Tossers (45-78-7)
MVP - Alex Rodriguez (Corey Hart)
CY - Joe Saunders (Takashi Saito)

12. Self Indulgence (42-81-7)
MVP - Chipper Jones (Mark Reynolds)
CY - Johan Santana (Jose Valverde)


micah said...

Dan Uggla yes. Carlos Marmol no. He is definitely my best pitcher but not my most valuable. The only thing he has been contributing is era, whip, and k's. I have a horrid era and whip record so i have to look elsewhere. C.C.'s given me the k's and a few wins, so my nod goes to him.

Ben Westrup said...

The reason I picked Marmol over Sabathia is because Sabathia was so awful the first month. He definitely did more to contribute to an awful ERA and WHIP than anyone else on your team.

Ben P said...

Week to week, how much does Marmol really contribute? Did he really make a bigger difference in the standings than Sabathia? The final totals look good, but it's really only a handful of innings a week.

Sabathia's been incredible since April.

Ben Westrup said...

I think that since this is a H2H league and not a roto league, the horrible stats that Sabathi put up in April were very detrimental to Micah's weekly performance, especially since he was counting on Sabathia to be his ace. Marmol won't contribute as much as Sabathia over the course of the season, but I feel that he was more valuable to Micah in the first half. But I can see the argument for Sabathia.

Nathanael said...

are we ever going to see an update or new post?

Ben Westrup said...

I know it's been a while, and I know I promised something last week. Sorry, it's been hard to get things done lately since my neighbors moved. I was using their internet, and now I'm waiting for someone to move in so I can use theirs.

Thanks for wanting to read more stuff. If anyone from the Flapjacks league has something they want to talk about, feel free to email it to me, and I'll post it up.

Grey said...

Thanks for the link to the old Blogspot site, maybe you update it to Razzball.

And someone email him an update.