Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tip of the Cap to Order of the Phoenix

Just weeks after I put them last in the latest power rankings, Order of the Phoenix proceeded to kick my ass 9-1 in the last matchup heading into the All-Star break. The only category I beat him in was steals, 5-4. Mark's team put up some incredible stats in that week: 17 HR, 62 RBI, .334 BA, and 9 Saves. Here are some of the his stars for that week:

Ryan Ludwick: .481/6/4/15

Paul Konerko: .391/5/3/10

Pablo Sandoval: .333/4/3/11

Rafael Soriano: 4 Saves (after having 8 the previous 13 weeks).

Lots of amazing performances that week for the Order of the Phoenix, and I tip my cap to them.


Nate said...

so when do we get a trade review?

Ben Westrup said...

How about tomorrow?

John said...

How can one tip one's cap to statistics? These statistics surely have nothing to do with Mark LeDoux who, we all know, does not even follow this league.