Monday, April 7, 2008

Players of the Week

For the Batter of the Week, I'd like to nominate Xavier Nady for the stellar numbers listed below.

Xavier Nady 26AB 6R 10H 1Dbl 3HR 9RBI 1SB .385BA .448OBP .769SLG 1.218OPS


Nate McLouth 28AB 6R 12H 5Dbl 1HR 7RBI 2SB .429BA .448OBP .714SLG 1.163OPS

Chase Utley 21AB 8R 9H 2Dbl 3HR 6RBI .429BA .519OBP .952SLG 1.471OPS

For Pitcher of the Week, I'd like to nominate Ben Sheets for not giving up a single run the entire week.

Ben Sheets 15.1IP 7H 0ER 2BB 15K 1W 0.00 ERA o.59 WHIP .135 BAA


Jake Peavy 16.0 IP 5H 1ER 4BB 12K 2W 0.56 ERA 0.56 WHIP .096 BAA

Joakim Soria 4.0 IP 2H 0ER 0BB 7K 3SV 0.00 ERA 0.50 WHIP .154 BAA

Please vote in the poll for who you think should be the players of the week.


Ben Westrup said...

I voted for Ben Sheets because he didn't give up a run in 15.1 innings and he had 15 K's.

Jonathan B said...

utley did the same as nady in less atbats!

Ben Westrup said...

Yeah, but Nady had more SB and more RBI. More at bats help a team's BA more.