Monday, March 31, 2008

Flapjacks Power Rankings

So, just for kicks, I will be periodically ranking the teams in my league. I'm sure this holds no interest for anyone but the managers in my league, so feel free to move along to the next post.

3/31/08 Flapjacks Power Rankings

1. The Balls
This team's #1 ranking is dependent on how long Albert Pujols can stay in the lineup. The Balls have arguably the best pitching staff in our league, led by Erik Bedard and Jake Peavy. They need healthy seasons from both Hank Blalock and Milton Bradley, especially Pujols opts for surgery.

2. The Macafeys
They probably have the best offense in the league, led by David Wright, Jimmy Rollins, and B.J. Upton. They'll get even better if Alex Gordon can take the next step forward. Their pitching could use some help, but a healthy Rich Harden will go a long way to strengthening their staff.

3. The Dinos
Dinos have a strong offense, but they need both Lastings Milledge and Joey Votto to take the next step, a healthy J.D. Drew, and a bounce-back year from Richie Sexson. Injury questions on their pitching staff keeps them from ranking higher. John Smoltz starting on the DL hurt their ranking this week.

4. The Screaming Lemurs
The Lemurs have a very balanced offense, with quite a few guys who run and hit for power. If Billy Butler can continue his strong spring training start, the Lemurs could move up a spot. Their rotation is strong, but they appear to be punting saves, and their pitchers at the back of the rotation (Kevin Millwood, Wandy Rodriguez, Jake Westbrook) are not very good.

5. The Tossers
The Tossers have a strong offense with lots of power, led Alex Rodriguez, Travis Hafner, Nick Swisher, and Brad Hawpe. They do need another ace to help Chris Young anchor their pitching staff, as it's a steep drop from Young to the rest of their pitchers.

6. Val Kilmer's Asshole
They could have the best pitching staff if Scott Kazmir and B.J. Ryan can come back strong from injury and if A.J. Burnett can stay healthy. Until then, this roster is filled with injured players such as Scott Rolen, Jeremy Hermida, and Jerry Owens. They don't have enough healthy batters to fill all of their active roster spots.

7. Adrian's Revenge
My team has a good offense, but I probably have the worst pitching rotation. Hopefully Brad Lidge will stay healthy. I need Ian Snell, Rich Hill, and Matt Garza to take the next step forward to improve my staff. My offense could get a boost if Chris B. Young and Hunter Pence improve this year.

8. Self Indulgence
They will have a good offense, especially if Matt Kemp is as good as advertised. They need Jeff Kent and Ken Griffey Jr. to stay healthy, and they need to add depth to their pitching staff. They have Johan Santana, but not that much after him.

9. Summer Fox
Summer Fox could move up a couple of spot if he improves his roster, which has a few open spots due to players being sent down to the minors. Losing John Lackey hurts. He needs a bounce-back season from Jason Bay, and improvements from Stephen Drew and Yunel Escobar.

10. Butt Admirals
The Admirals could have a dominant pitching staff if Josh Beckett can stay healthy. The offense will struggle because he's depending on guys like Rickie Weeks, J.J. Hardy, Ryan Garko, Nate McClouth, and Kosuke Fukudome to make the leap to the next level.

11. Dissect Yourself
They have a good offense, but their pitching staff is hurting. They need Yovani Gallardo to be healthy, and they need another ace. Clay Buchholz could become that ace, but it might not happen this year.

12. Naterade
Naterade has the worst offense in the league, and they could have the worst pitching if Francisco Liriano doesn't come back in top form. His offense has the most upside of any team in the league, so he could move up the rankings fast if his team as a hot start.


Tim said...

Wow, I never would have considered Balls for top 3. I guess it is something to look at. He does have 2 great pitchers and some strong boppers :)

Nathanael said...


Ben Westrup said...

Sorry Nate, someone had to be 12th.
I do think that your team is the most likely to make upwards movement in the rankings, but I can't rank you higher without seeing your team play any games.

Nathanael said...

eh - i'm not too worried about it. i actually like my team (although I had a horrific start yesterday)

but who knew one could go from champs to chumps so quickly

Albert Pujols said...

I think The Balls are overrated.

Jonathan B said...

New poll: which team should be first in the next power rankings?