Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Trade of the Year

I was happy to be a part of the first trade of the year in our league as I and Orc Mischief swapped players.   Orc Mischief looks to have improved their chances of success this year and I have added some risk in the hopes that I will have greater success in the near future.  I tend to make at least one bad trade each year (Adam Dunn for Morgan Ensberg in 2006, Brian Roberts for Kelly Johnson in 2008) and hopefully this trade won't bite me in the ass this  year.

Here's the trade: I get Matt Kemp and Joe Mauer and Orc Mischief gets Brian McCann and Carlos Lee.  
Orc Mischief has greatly improved their team by moving an injured catcher for a better one and adding one of the best and most consistent sluggers in the game.  Both are solid keepers for next year.  I gave up a lot, but I did get younger by adding Kemp, whose steals should make up for Lee's power, and my hope is that he will be a solid star for years to come.  Lee is a great player but he probably can play at an elite level for only a couple more years.  Getting Kemp greatly improves my keepers for next year, though I may have hurt by team's ability to be competitive in 2009.  How I do will depend on how many games Joe Mauer misses this year.  If Mauer only misses a month, I could still be in the hunt for the playoffs, because when he's a great hitter when healthy.  I think McCann is a better fantasy player, but Mauer is not far behind.  I think both teams got a fair deal from this trade.


Ben P said...

Catcher is pretty deep this year. It's hard to pick a clear winner here, might all hinge on the year Kemp has.

Nate said...

I think you are pretty big winner here. its relatively even for this year, but lee is only getting older and kemp should (hopefully) only get better

Ben Westrup said...

One thing I wanted to mention but forgot is that Kemp's value might be depressed this year because of where he bats. It seems like Torre wants to hit him 6th or 7th, which would probably give him less RBI and Run scoring chances than Carlos Lee, who regularly hit 4th or 5th last year. I hope that Kemp will improve this year, but it seems like he will have to earn a middle of the order spot this year.

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