Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trade Spin

Two trades so far this season and I have been involved in both of them.

After I named a players from each team that I wanted in my power rankings, Naterade responded by offering me Justin Morneau and Robinson Cano for Mark Teixiera and Emmanuel Burriss.  Nate has tried every year to pry Teixiera from me, and this was the deal that finally did it.  I really needed to upgrade at second base, so I was happy to receive Cano.  I felt that the upgrade that Cano represented over Burriss balanced out the downgrade from Teixiera to Morneau.  I think Morneau is a top-five first baseman, and though he doesn't have the power potential of Teixiera, Morneau is not that far off in the other offensive categories.  Cano balances out the slight offensive drop off by giving me one of the top 6 or 7 second baseman in the league.  I think Cano will bounce back from last season's mediocre batting average to hit over .300 again with 15+ HR.  He's a big upgrade for my team over Burriss, who I had picked up for his stolen base potential but had instead been killing my team's BA.

I'm not surprised that Naterade targeted Burriss; he had complimented my pickup of Burriss at the start of the season and Natarade could use the steals.  He gets a star in Teixiera, who was one of the longest tenured players on my team.  I first drafted Teixiera in 2006 and I've dealt with his slow starts every year.  He will pick things up, but it's hard to deal with slow starts from your star players in a H2H league.  Teixiera is a better keeper than Morneau, but I think having Cano will help me more this year.


Nate said...

I agree with your analysis. and I think this could be a good trade for both of us. i got the best player (by a little), but you may have got two keepers.

plus we both will benefit from the launching pad that is new yankees stadium

burris' AVG is worryisome, but i really do need the speed so ill give him a week or two tryout.

Nate said...

seeing how this is only the second trade of the year, it seems to me like there is a little less league activity this year.

is it possible that real life is slowing everyone down?

Ben Westrup said...

Have there been less trades so far this year? It's hard to remember, but I think there were 3-4 trades by this time, so you may be right. Everybody must have enjoyed the teams they drafted this year.